A New Venture

Welcome to my new blog! As my blogging and photography life have evolved over the past year, it was time to start anew. I am still planning on updating my original blog, which is more about my personal life and my family. This blog, however, will

serve as a place to update photos and stories from my new business. I am proud to announce my new business venture, Bergeron Photography. Over the past few months, I have been working with Beeline Communications on creating a business plan and website, Bergeronphotography.com. While they worked on creating the forum for my work, I have been building my portfolio through travel and through photographing several different children and families. It has been a ton of fun and am looking forward to many more photo shoots. I have also been compiling a gallery of nature and landscape photos. Through my website, these will now be available for purchase.

2012 is off to an exciting start. My birthday marks the first of many yearly celebrations. This year, I am celebrating more than just adding a year. I am also celebrating having the courage to

start a business for the first time in my life. I am so excited for this new beginning and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I decided to start off my new blog with a compilation of my “Top 39″ photos of 2011 in honor of my 39th birthday. The photos are a combination of travel, landscape photos and children/family photography. Thank you to those that helped me along the way and offered up their time and families for me to “practice” on. There will be more news to come as my business develops, but for now, here are My Top 39!

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