What is 4?

4 is being more independent. 4 is becoming a superhero when the mask comes on. 4 is loving playing with friends. 4 is preschool. 4 is wearing your heart on your sleeve. 4 is understanding more about the world around you. 4 is being excited whenever you see a fire truck or police car. 4 is being curious about everything. 4 is believing there is only good in the world…and if anyone isn’t good, batman will take care of it.  4 is enthusiastically helping with cooking, shopping, setting the table, and cleaning. 4 is testing patience. 4 is telling the same knock knock joke over and over and laughing hysterically like it was the first time you heard it. 4 is playing dress up. 4 is checking every store for a smoke detector. 4 is old enough to stay up late for popcorn and movie nights. 4 is setting booby traps. 4 is initiating pillow fights. 4 is chewing gum.  4 is making people laugh.  4 is being a race car driver, doctor, chef, teacher, police officer, fire fighter, and sometimes a princess – all in one day.  4 is making up words like “lasterday” and having them make sense. 4 is drawing self-portraits that only sometimes include arms and legs. 4 is letting your sister give you a make-over just so you can play with her. 4 is running, jumping, wrestling, and throwing. 4 is pushing your sisters’ buttons. 4 is so much more…of everything!

Here are a few photos of my little guy in all of his “four-ness”