About Michelle Bergeron

I’ve been taking photographs of people, landscapes and nature for more than two decades, and, as of a year ago, I decided to make a career out of a passion and opened Bergeron Photography for business.  Pictures have always been powerful to me…it stops time, helps foster memories, captures people and things as they were at that moment in time.  I know what it’s like to witness children change day after day.  I feel like I turned my head for a second and my newborns are now 4, 8, 10 years old…I am lucky to have photos to go back to – to remind me of those days that passed too quickly – to help conjure stories of what they were like “back then” and “when they were little.”

I specialize in un-posed, on-location portraits of children, couples, families, and pets that utilize only natural light. During sessions, I encourage the children to relax, play, laugh and be themselves. Letting kids be kids allows me to capture them purely in the moment, just exactly as they are. As a mother, I know those are the photographs of my own children that I cherish the most, these are the photos hanging on my walls.  I also have an extensive collection of Landscapes and Nature Photographs from my travels

I’m available by appointment for on-location sessions in and around the Chicagoland area. If you don’t have a specific place in mind, don’t worry—I’ve got plenty of suggestions for beautiful backdrops.