A compilation

A few months ago, this blog had a problem with the server and lost all of the photos associated with it. Eventually, i would like to repost all of the photos, but it may take awhile. This is the first compilation in which I will add multiple photos from the past photo shoots over the […]

The K Family

A few months ago, I received an email from a girl I knew when I was 14. Memories came flooding back immediately… memories from junior high, the last time I saw her. She inquired about photographing her family, herself and her husband along with 3 year old twins and a 6 year old. We decided […]

What is 4?

4 is being more independent. 4 is becoming a superhero when the mask comes on. 4 is loving playing with friends. 4 is preschool. 4 is wearing your heart on your sleeve. 4 is understanding more about the world around you. 4 is being excited whenever you see a fire truck or police car. 4 […]

The M Sisters

A few weeks before Christmas, I received a call from a friend. ¬†She had an idea for her husband’s Christmas gift and was hoping I could help her out. Her husband is a big sports fan and her idea was to put each of his three girls in a different Chicago sports team shirt and […]

Photographic Storytelling

I enjoy taking photos just about anywhere I go. I thrive on travel photography and nature photography. I love taking pictures of people, too. But, instead of taking posed in-studio photos, I prefer lifestyle photography. I do like portraits and they definitely have their place. I prefer to take them outdoors where they look more […]